Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Quick Realization

In dealing with some minor personal frustrations with the cover band I'm singing with, I have finally realized something about myself; it's not that I am truly obnoxious or excessive in my attempts to fix small problems, polish a song, or make a suggestion... it's that I am usually the only one doing it. I'm a squeaky wheel, and instead of getting the grease, I will probably... be traded out for a less squeaky wheel.

People who don't feel compelled to "make a noise," (so to speak) aren't at fault in this; they're in the majority. But I wish sometimes that other people could take some of the negative focus off of me, and be the one to say "that's not working," or "can we do this instead" so that I don't feel like such a spoil-sport all the time.


Mike Howell said...

I think you're starting with the faulty premise that everyone else agrees with you but won't pipe up and say it first. It may be that they just don't see anything wrong with things the way they are. Is everyone clearly happy with the changes you suggest?

Think back to college. Were you ever happy with others' performance on group projects? Probably not (I know I wasn't) but you did the best you could with what everyone had to offer. Or maybe you were one of those people who soloed the group projects...

I'm just disappointed we haven't seen any youtube footage of said cover band.

Susania said...

Quite right - they might not agree with me. Sometimes. ;)

But in some particular situations, when we have discussed and agreed that something is a problem, and yet they still remain silent? That's what frustrates me.

I am accustomed to working on group projects with a variety of personalities, in the theater as well, which has plenty of attitude and flaws... and in general, I'm not too chuffed when someone flakes out, if there's enough other input to compensate. Part of my problem is that I really do want everyone to be involved equally, but if a power vaccum appears, and someone needs to fill it, I end up being that person. Give me a strong leader with a definitive POV and take-charge attitude, and I am more than happy to leave it to them.

don't think we have any video; maybe someone will tape it Saturday!

Joseph said...

Sounds like you are the take charge person of your group. After all, a take charge person is the person who will step up and see that things get done. If you don't like it, perhaps you should join a different group.