Saturday, August 02, 2008

Valuable Lessons Learned

  1. It is important to be careful when removing the oil cap on your car, as you may drop it into the engine.
  2. Wadded-up paper towels are not a safe or suitable replacement for a missing oil cap.
  3. Wal-Mart does not carry replacement oil caps.
  4. It is ill-advised to go within a mile of Wal-Mart on Tax-Free Weekend in 90+ degree weather.
  5. Artichoke hearts are never where you expect to find them in a grocery store.
  6. A rolled-up sock serves reasonably well as an oil cap in a pinch.
  7. The Toyota dealership Service Department on Hwy. 96 closes at 5 pm on Saturdays.
  8. There is a well-stocked AutoZone located on Columbia Avenue in Franklin.
  9. A replacement oil cap can run around $5.

I have come to deeply appreciate AutoZone. They always end up giving good advice, and helping me make cheap repairs on my own. I literally drive away feeling a palpable sense of Joy: I always learn a new skill or useful piece of information (i.e., one can actually replace their own headlight lamps!), I'm relieved that a pressing repair/replacement has been made, and I feel strong and capable for having managed a car issue on my girly own.

Cars can make me more anxious than almost anything else (except my tendency towards hypochondria); I have actually had a panic attack and passed out at one point when my car was in the shop after a long, incomprehensible period of overheating (and ended up being a massively expensive repair). So to go and take the steps to successfully fix something on my car myself always is a combination of relief and pride.

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