Friday, February 27, 2009

Brilliant Children, and the Old Maids Who Love Them...

Long-time readers of this blog have heard often about my friends Shane and Anna, and their newish son YoYo. In every conversation with Anna, she tells me yet another amazing remark that YoYo made this week. I am convinced he will be either the next Einstein, DaVinci, or some equally important titan of human history. For a three year old who's only really learned English in the last 9 months, he has an insightfulness and a clarity of thought astonishing in a kid who can't read yet.

He's also hysterically funny at times. To set up today's example; I will occasionally call or visit the Caudills, but by no means am I a constant visitor. I do have Auntie privileges (I am referred to as Aunt Susan) but in general I see them once a week at most. Despite the lack of regular interaction, I think YoYo likes the idea of me (while not disinterested in me, he doesn't feel the need to stick by me when there are toys at hand - he is a focused Playa), enough so that he will speak of me even when I am absent, although I can't imagine why.

Anyway, Shane just sent me this:
So Anna was talking to her mom on the phone, and Yoyo didn't want to talk to Nana... so he comes out of his room on his toy phone saying, "oh, yes aunt Susan. what aunt Susan? would you like to talk to my little boy, aunt Susan?" and hands me the phone. "It's aunt Susan, she wants to talk to you."
I laughed so hard I cried. He just keeps coming out with these bizzare little diamonds of comedy and observation.

Here's another sample of his unexpectedness:

There's nothing like a little boy from China bouncing around to T-Bone Burnett!


anon said...

Dude, whatever. I'm old and I still dance to that song. *grins*

Jennifer said...

As your own personal folklorist, I feel compelled to let you know that the song "Man of Constant Sorrow" was originally recorded by Dick Burnett (c. 1913). It was used in the movie _O Brother, Where Art Thou?_ (2000), the source for this recording, produced by T-Bone Burnett. The voice you hear is Dan Tyminski, a member of Union Station (Alison Krauss's backup band).

And yes, that video is hilarious.