Thursday, September 02, 2010

It's the Little Things...

I regularly listen to a BBC Radio 4 show (via podcast) called The Now Show - sort of a Daily Show, but all UK-based. (I now know a RIDICULOUS amount about their current political situation!) Anyway, they were recently talking about allowing various groups and organizations to set up their own academies, including atheists:

Mitch Benn: "I know this is probably gonna get me kicked out of the atheist's union, but I think I'd miss it if you completely dechurchified schools. But anyway they should still definitely sing hymns in assembly. Atheist hymns, obviously."

(sung to the tune of "All Things Bright and Beautiful")
All things bright and beautiful
All creatures far and near
All things vast and miniscule
Just happen to be here

There was no great creator, there is no grand design
The Universe is getting on without all that just fine

All things known and still unknown
We can or cannot see
All things are just 'cause they are
Not my own beliefs, obviously! but still funny nonetheless.

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