Monday, June 25, 2012

Rules for Guests at Seminole Lodge

During my recent trip to Ft. Lauderdale, we went to Edison's Summer Home - great tour and property! Anyway, my sister Amy and I were much taken by the "Rules for Guests" they had posted, written by Edison's daughter, Madeleine.

Rules for Guests at Seminole Lodge
  • Don't cabbage unto yourself all the fish poles. This has been done by guests thereby incurring the grave disapproval of the entire family.
  • Don't kill the black snakes under the porch. They are there for a purpose.
  • If you don't think Seminole Lodge is the loveliest spot you ever wore your rubbers in - don't let on to Father.
  • Don't fail to return to your room during part of each day - so that the family may squabble without embarrassment.
  • Don't stop Madeleine if you see her start violently anywhere alone. She's only trying to work out her disposition.
  • Don't capsize in the sailboat if you can help it. Remember there isn't any man to rescue you in 750 miles. And besides there are the sharks.
  • Don't ask us anything about Palm Beach. We don't want to know.

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