Friday, June 16, 2006

Nuhfing in Particular...

... just wanting to say hey to my tiny bevy (can a bevy be tiny?) of readers. There's nuhfing more annoying when a favored blog is never updated, RACHEL.

Pardon the colloquial "nuhfing;" been re-watching loads of Doctor Who on my Tivo and on
YouTube (which is a MAHVELOUS site, btw) and his companion Rose has the most adorable accent. "th" comes out as "f" or "v", and it's quite infectious. Despite my partial knack for accents, I can't pick hers up entirely; I spent too much time as an "Oliver!" urchin-wannabe in junior high choir, and traces of cockney keep interfering. I don't even know how to classify her accent.

More latuh.

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