Friday, June 02, 2006

Sometimes I Am So Stupid...

So this week I have been working all over the map, it seems; I feel like I have put more miles on my car this week than in the last month. The phone just started ringing a lot, and everyone needs my help at present. Which is fantastic and much needed/appreciated, but I'm appalled to find myself getting cranky that I don't have as much free time as I did. When I was Perpetually Whining about how I couldn't get enough work for the last 4 months! I'm feeling a trifle overwhelmed, yet obligated to do it all since I have no idea when the next wave of work will crash my way, and I badly need to put more clients in my boat.

Finished a website I'm inordinately proud of, despite the relative simplicity of it - I know HTML, and not much else. My friend Renu has just moved to Denver and is going to start teaching Bollywood Dance there, so we've been frenziedly whipping a website into shape to help drum up students (hopefully!) It's got lots of info on it, since part of the job she has to do is educate people as to WHAT Bollywood Dance actually IS. Since I love Bollywood and it's my second biggest hobby, it's been a joy to work on the site. Not of much use to my Faithful Readers unless they live in Colorado, but the Bolly-What? and Video pages are fun AND educational.

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DesiDancer said...

vah vah, kya HTML ki goddess hai!