Thursday, July 20, 2006

In Which I Reluctantly Join

So, Friend Frank from my days at Hillsboro High sends me an email today mentioning that there's a number of SophistiCats on myspace, and I should join. (The SophistiCats were a very advanced show choir & chamber singers group I was in throughout high school, and pretty much the only worthwhile thing about high school for me!) Plus my friends Paul et Cherie have occasionally pestered me to join so they can add me to their Friends... apparently one's myspace dignitas is dependent on how many Friends (clients, a la Roman Empire) one can claim.

So I set up my profile (suhouladoo) and begrudgingly wrote a few lines about myself, and made a discovery: one should not fill out one's online profile when one is in a bad mood. One is apt to say things that will not reflect well upon oneself. oneoneoneoneoneoneoneone.

And yet, not off-putting enough, apparently - two total strangers sent me Friend invites within a half-hour of setting up my profile. Apparently my comment that I wasn't there to make new friends or meet anyone had a different effect than I had intended. I shall have to re-edit and be more obvious about my lack of interest in making random Friends.

I really had thought that listing my remorselessly geeky Interests of Ballroom Dance, Bollywood, Embroidery & Cross-stitch, reading and Doctor Who would be sufficient to shake off all but the most Worthy and Perceptive of Friend-wannabes. I guess I'll have to put in the one piece of information that is the kiss of death: my current weight and height.

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Mike Howell said...

"friend spam" on myspace and facebook is unrelenting.

I started a myspace account a couple years ago when researching the sort of web spaces that our target audience finds compelling.

Necessary MySpace ingredients:
1. a background song
2. busy background image
3. comments that nobody except those in your core group would understand
4. an "I haven't posted for a while" post
5. an "I'm having a bad day" post