Thursday, July 13, 2006

Nuhfing in Particular, Part 2

"In our last episode, Susan discovered a certain fascination with an indefinable accent of the charming, working-class Rose Tyler from Doctor Who."

So I was watching the first episode of Season 2 titled "New Earth," and a bit of slang was used that made me (and my QuickTime software) pause. Rose, being temporarily "possessed" by a snobby spirit named Cassandra, took a look at herself in a mirror and burst out with a dismayed "Oh my God, I'm a chav!"

A chav? What on earth is a chav? I was mightily intrigued. I dashed to my computer, and once again, Wikipedia served me far better than I could have imagined. Read on:

The description fits Rose to a T, and goes into all sorts of detail about accent, fashion, cultural tendencies, etc. Absolutely fascinating - sortof like a British version of a Jersey Girl, I guess...? So when I resumed the episode and several minutes later, Cassandra re-assumed Rose's body, looked down at herself, and sarcastically snarled "oh, Chavtastic!" my pop cultural anglophilic joy knew no bounds, and I clapped and squealed, since I know knew what she meant.

Damn, I love the Brits.

7/15 Mike in MI has directed me to a far more alarming series of definitions about what "chav" is on Not so funny anymore...


Mike Howell said... has some more.. umm... colorful op-ed definitions of chav.

For Americans, the comedian Ali G. would be the most accessible form of chav subculture.

The Prawn said...

Hi Susan,

I keep popping on here every now and again to find out how my namesake from across the water is doing. And just thought I'd add this post, anyway to my point for a more indepth look at chavs and their whole culture, check out for their 'alternative' look at life.
Keep up the good work and hope you're well
Steve Houston ;)

Susania said...
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Susania said...

Many thanks, cousin! And that site is HILARIOUS! I feel like I have a whole new level of understanding of why Britney and JLo have a pop following...