Monday, April 02, 2007

See? People Agree With Me!

Long-time readers of my vicissitudes may recall my theory on Experiential Age as opposed to Chronological Age. The basic equation is this: Since the majority of women my age are married with children, I am therefore lacking those significant maturing experiences a woman of my age should have.


Subtract 3 years for the husband I don't have, and

Subtract 4 years for the children I don't have.

So I'm only 31. Yay!

So today I stumbled across this strip by one of my favorite (relatively unknown) cartoonists:

Theoretical Validation!


Mike Howell said...

What, only four years for kids? Is that total or each?

Susania said...

that's one of those all-or-nothing propositions; either you have them or not, the quantity doesn't really count. Having a child is so life-changing, that the 2nd, 3rd, etc. isn't quite as eventful.