Wednesday, May 23, 2007

News You Need to Know

OK, my little pharmacy saga...

I've been shopping at CVS for prescriptions for a couple of years now, because 1) they have one reasonably close that is NEVER crowded, and 2) they have a preferred members card thingy that gets me some super coupons every time I shop.

Despite these benefits, when I saw that a new Walgreens was being built 1 block from my complex, I could not WAIT til it was open; it would save lots of time. Well it opened a few weeks ago, and I went in to scope it out. I discovered that they didn't have one of those card dealies, but I thought, "oh well, it's still convenient..."

Yesterday I FINALLY took steps to switch a prescription over to the Walgreens, and went back later in the afternoon to pick it up. Imagine my dismay when they told me the generic that I was used to paying $15+ for at CVS would cost me over $29! I was livid. I didn't buy it, walked out, and called CVS to switch it back.

That evening when I went to pick it up, I talked with the pharmacist about how Walgreens' price was almost double, and he said he'd recently read a Consumer Reports article which had pretty much come to the same conclusion. And then he handed me my receipt with a $1 coupon off feminine products.

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