Monday, December 31, 2007

Sole Resolution

My friend Mike has made a list of truly noteworthy resolutions to strive for. They approach pomposity, but at least they are more worthy than resolutions to lose weight or to act more assertive.

I almost never make resolutions, nor do I set goals if I can possibly avoid it. If you don't set out to do something in the first place, then you can never actually fail at it. Mike probably will succeed quite well with his resolutions. He is goal-oriented.

I am making only one resolution for 2008. I am giving up Diet Coke.

*respectful, but inwardly aghast pause*

For those that know me well, you understand the magnitude of this resolve. I typically drink 2-3 32 oz. fountain Diet Cokes daily. I am a die-hard addict. This will require an all or nothing approach if I am to succeed. I cannot even allow myself a small amount - it is cold turkey, or not at all.

*pause to sip at Diet Coke from Sonic*

I console myself that the benefits are multiple - sodas are expensive, diet drinks make me crave more food, and aspartame is killing my brain cells. I find I am forgetting many, many things these days, and for a know-it-all, that is well-nigh fatal. And the hundreds I will save over the course of a year can go towards a trip to the UK!


Mike Howell said...

Resolutions? Not this Mike.
I applaud your decision to give up soda. The headaches and nagging fatigue from caffeine withdrawal won't last forever.

Self control is a very gratifying thing to exert upon oneself. Today begins the second leg of my weight loss program. Another twenty pounds to lose in 6-8 weeks. w00t for delayed gratification!

AlmostGrownUp said...

oh, my god! i cud never!

thats mighty brave to even try, kudos to you!