Thursday, March 15, 2007


OK, my friend Mike in MI already mentioned this in his blog, but it begs further discussion.

Everyone's offended by something, somewhere; last time it was South America being offended by Apocalypto because it painted the human sacrifice-loving Mayans as BAD. I'm sure the guy having his heart cut out as he lay on an altar was comforted by all their wonderful advances in science and the arts!

This time, it's Iranians being offended by 300, because it makes the Persians out to be pillaging monsters. Granted, this was back in the BC, but apparently it's still very much a part of their modern society. "Why, back when we were invading Greece..."

Here's one - someone should make a point of being offended by Ivanhoe, because it puts the Norman invaders of England (1066 AD) in a bad light.

In a lesser but no less newsworthy incident, the CEO of Fox News made a joke about Bush mistaking Obama with Osama (he was implying Bush was so dumb that he didn't know the difference between the two! This, from Fox News!); can you imagine the glee with which people jumped on the Offended Bandwagon? "He's equating Obama with Osama! He's anti-Democrat! Let's get him!" There's been brisk sales of pitchforks and torches at the Home Depot.

"She's implying that Home Depot is a haven for mobs... Get her!"

Berke Breathed of Bloom County did a great Sunday strip about taking offense at every little thing - he called it "Offensensitivity." It's a good word for the world we now live in.

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