Thursday, March 15, 2007

Sampler Update

Making good progress on my Tennessee sampler... Still have a verse, 3 bands and various bits to fill in, but I'd say I'm almost 2/3 done with it. I occasionally have to step away from it and work on something small that I can finish quickly, because to work month after month on something and never finish is discouraging. Plus I keep seeing things I'd like to work on! Right now I'm doing a miniature sampler on 32-count cream linen that will only be about 2 x 2.5 inches when finished. Bit of a contrast.


Mike Howell said...

I'm impressed. Classic design and wonderful execution.

In other news, I didn't know your middle name was Belle.

Susania said...

You're very kind. It's like a Monet - looks better from a distance!

Yes, both my names are from Great-Grandmothers; knocked out two birds with one stone! But did I benefit from this sign of filial respect? No. Not a savings bond, not a quilt, not a single trinket.

t-HYPE said...

Definitely impressed. I tried crosstiching a few times. Unlike knitting, it actually requires paying attention! I gave it up.

Susania said...

I totally agree about the paying attention thing... which is why I crochet when I'm watching stuff with subtitles!