Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Eric's trial begins...

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February 13, 2007
Today is the 84th day since Eric’s arrest, and the night before the long awaited trial.

Eric reported to us this evening that at the Pre-Trial Hearing the judge ruled that the trial would indeed take place. We were glad to hear from him that none of the key evidence for his defense was eliminated for use in the trial. The judge did eliminate several witnesses for the prosecution for reasons of irrelevance or redundancy.

Eric’s trial begins early Wednesday morning – 9a.m. (Central time) in Rivas, Nicaragua. This is the site of the mob scene in early December after his initial hearing. Due to the threats on Eric’s life over the course of this ordeal, we are very, very concerned about security.

The trial will take place over 3 days: ½ days on Wednesday & Thursday, and a full day Friday. This is a trial by judge (no jury). The judge will provide her ruling at the end of the day on Friday. One specific concern 3 days of trial creates is the 3 round trips in and out of Rivas that Eric and his witnesses will have to make. The logistics involved in this are immense and full of unknowns!

Specific prayer requests:

  • Safety of all involved in and surrounding the trial: Eric, witnesses, press, attorneys, bystanders, security, police
  • Health of one of Eric’s key defense team who is sick with the flu
  • Judge
  • Doris’ mother & family
  • That the trial is swift and that Eric will be free on Friday!

As you can imagine, my heart is in my throat!

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