Thursday, February 15, 2007

Those Things That Bring The Happy

You know, it's interesting how very small things can be enough to help get you out of The Sad. I have decided to refer to them as Bringing The Happy. Monday morning are hard for me; not because they are, essentially, Mondays and the beginning of the workweek, but because they are the necessity of re-entering the question of How Will I Live My Life.

Am I too sloppy?
Do I have too much stuff?
Am I supposed to keep working with computers, or am I supposed to be doing something else?
Am I working hard enough?
Is there really anything I can do to lose weight? Or is it pretty much a genetic curse?
Could I be saving more of my income?
Am I taking the easy way out of life and relationships?
Am I taking enough risks?

Understandably, this makes Mondays hard, since I tend to give myself a break from self-doubt over the weekend. So I rely on those small things that Bring The Happy to keep me from getting depressed. Here are two of them: I cannot overemphasize the power of this site to make my life a little better. Pictures of cute fuzzy animals are very therapeutic; the next best thing, of course, being swarmed over by an actual herd of bunnies, puppies, and kittens. But they are not always available for swarming.

The Polyjesters. I just found them by accident on a streaming folk music radio station, and their bouncy, eclectic, loungy, nostalgic music is a tonic. They're my new favorite band; I just go to their site and the Happy music pours out.

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