Tuesday, February 27, 2007


You know how there's always one person in your life you feel you can never surprise or impress? I just had one of those rare, delightful moments where I actually succeeded.

I was listening to CNN for about a minute in the kitchen at Elder Brother's company, NetCentral (the web design job I do once each month) and they said that the Dow had just plummeted over 300 points. So I walk past my brother Cy and his business partner Craig's offices and casually say "The stock market just dropped 300" and kept walking, at which point I was called back and asked for more details. I was able to confirm that it was a result of the activity in China overnight, and suggested that Greenspan's comments on the economy yesterday probably hadn't helped (also offering that he was making reference to Bernanke's recent comments).

18 months ago? I would not have known who Greenspan or Bernanke were. Thanks, American Economic Association! But the really great thing is that I knew something Cy didn't. For a change.

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