Friday, April 15, 2005

My New Office

The Dreaded Office Move is over, more or less... I am in my new office, and the worst of it seems to have passed. The fact that I can actually snatch a few moments to plug this in is evidence of it, even though there are a half-dozen things I should be doing. Anyway, I have a little photo essay on my Photos page of my new working environment; it's very classy, stylish, etc... yet I keep thinking "Yes, well, this is all very nice. [pause] So when are we going back to our real office?" I did go back this afternoon to get some odds and ends, and it was just so grimy and battered-looking, I was quite scornful. Which is sad, because I was happy there, and at the time thought it quite well-appointed. I am mean-spirited and shallow - that's all there is to it...
I am located in the most well-hidden spot in the office - you have to go through 2 rooms to get to my office door. I am tempted to hang a sign over the door such as:
  • Abandon Hope, All Ye Who Enter Here
  • Ship's Doctor
  • Center of the Onion
  • The Burrow
None of which are particularly clever or apt, but I am reeeeealy tired. Perhaps someone has a suggestion or two?