Thursday, June 10, 2010


I have concluded that it should be a tradition to give Pet Showers for single people who decide to get pets. I have spent a small fortune on the nursery supplies for my impending babies!

I decided years ago to get myself a pair of cats when I got my own place. When I moved in to my first real home at the end of April, I resolved to give myself a month to settle in before finding some kittens. A friend's neighbor started looking
for a home for a pair of inseparable tabby twin sisters, I saw the pictures and since I love me some tabbies, I went to go see them.

They're all kittens should be - small, sweet, purry and meowy. Blue-eyed and so identical that I really do expect that they are real twins. I discovered that they were born on the day I moved into my new place - that's about as good a sign as it can get!

In the weeks since then (while I waited for them to be big enough to come home with me) I pondered names. The names I had picked out 7 years ago suddenly seemed as though they belonged to a previous season, and no longer applied to who I was now. So I pondered amusing and intellectual names like "Schadenfreude" and "Gem├╝tlichkeit", but then realized that these were entirely too difficult for people to pronounce (including myself) and Schadenfreude was a rather mean-spirited name to saddle a poor kitten with!

I want them to be sweet, affectionate kittens, and so they need sweet names. So I went with "Daisy Delphinium" and "Bunny Rose", Daisy and Bunny for short. And so much stuff they need! Food and litterbox and collars and tags and toys and scratching posts and sprays and surgeries and shots and beds and gates and who knows what else I've forgotten. It's like I'm stocking a nursery for my impending babies, but because they are only pets I'm not entitled to gifts. ;)

And I am worrying a lot more than I should... so much I want to train into them, like not clawing furniture, and letting me sleep at night, and stuff like that... I probably won't have children now, and so these may well be my child substitutes! I went and picked out collars today, and got nametags in case they run away; I almost worry that I'm not allowed to get these sort of things until I actually pick them up, as though I might jinx the process.