Tuesday, October 19, 2010

More recent travails

  • After years of anxiety about an excessive backlog of unwatched DVR recorded shows (TiVobligations, credit James Lileks) I have only added to my burdens by becoming even more addicted to British TV programming that has accumulated on my laptop. Do not inquire how I came by this glut of entertainment; only know that I am not acquiring anything that can be legitimately purchased or rented in the US! I have days worth of shows I really do want to watch (I recently got my hands on some episodes of The Goodies which hold up remarkably well) and yet, summer and rerun shows are over and new American TV shows are once again refilling my TiVo. Alas! There is not enough free time.
  • The kittens are thriving, despite having rather more delicate filtration and digestion systems than I would wish for... both of them are finishing up treatment for microbial parasites, and one of them is having antibiotics in addition for a nasty bladder infection. You would scarcely know they are sick at all, so full of frisk are they; they have begun to resort to Blatant Manipulation to gain access to my room at night. Daisy lurks just out of sight behind a corner, and as I come around to my room, flings herself onto her back like a drama queen and shows her belly, as if to say, "isn't this the most adorable belleh you have ever seen? How can you resist petting this?" Yet I am adamant. They are too bouncy to stay asleep all night. I know perfectly well they have been sleeping all day long and just want in my room for more playground territory.
  • Working full-time (or, full-timeish) has seriously impaired my home business. I have had to stop accepting new computer repair clients, since I have difficulty finding the time to take care of the ones I already have. But the job is great, and finally having full insurance again (after 3.5 years without) is completely worth it. But it feels wrong to say no to new clients; I so badly needed them in the past that to turn someone down now feels like a waste.