Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Frosty the Zombie

...stolen from a letter I wrote to friend in NYC:

Yeah, I wondered about how things were going for you "up there" in SnowLand... entirely envious, of course, just because the ONE chance we've had for snow was last weekend and it was a piss-poor experience... instead of a nice big blowout of 2-4 inches as promised, it just flurried off and on for 3 days. Pretty, but unsatisfying. And all of the FORCED snowmen ("Kids! There's a half-inch! We MUST BUILD THE SNOWMAN NOW before it's all gone!") as rotting pillars of gray and muddy snow in the middle of green grass look so sad. You wouldn't think snowmen could rot, but they can.

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Mike Howell said...

In SE Michigan we endure the freeze/thaw cycle endlessly. Zombie snowmen roam our yards endlessly.