Wednesday, February 22, 2006

I Loves Me Some Drama!

So I've rehashed this with any number of friends & family, but I am alternately disappointed and delighted with the Olympics this year. I finally solidified what I find so appealing about watching them - it's the stories. Have they suffered to get there? Do they have a dying family member? Are they emotional when they win? Do they weep on the podium? Do they fall spectacularly and then rise to fight on?

There's been a lack of really good surprise stories this time, and yet there have been some; but I find myself watching for long stretches, working on a scarf or hat, and finally thinking "gosh, I'm so bored with this!"


DesiDancer said...

All I'm saying is that there are no brown people in the winter olympics. none. I saw one american speed skater "of colour"... and that's it.

But in the summer games? Y'all can't outrun us. Now if only they'd add cricket as an official event :)

Susania said...

au contraire! Tugba Karademir from Turkey - Heart-wrenching story; and really great performance, I thought!