Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Olympic Fun

"And last night was good, too, even though no one fell." -- Anne-Marie

Yeah, good times! Lotsa fun to be had if you're inclined to make fun of arrogance and misfortune... Man, watching the Italian Ice Dancing pair fume at each other... very satisfying!

And Lindsay Jacobellis - poor girl, I really do feel for her; all of the snowboard guys had done the same trick grab if they were way out ahead; she just happened to be the one unfortunate soul to miss when she tried. Youthful high spirits will forever be condemned in her as arrogance, and I just don't buy it. That clip will be rolled out with wearying predictability for the rest of her life, and she'll always have that label. Whereas Bode Miller's mistakes will just be dismissed as typical rogue jock.

And they should have advised her to do damage control - you MUST be honest immediately in those situations - she obviously never saw Ashley Simpson on SNL! Had she fessed up immediately and wept with frustration, she'd have been forgiven immediately. Instead she tried to brazen it out and no-one bought it for an instant. Young and stupid... of course, immediately after watching that, I went out to my car in the snow and ice to run to the bank (Sat morning) and promptly locked my keys in my car when I got back out with the scraper... so who am I to judge?


DesiDancer said...

does it make me a mean-spirited person that I wanted the Italian ice-dancing couple to have a major duke-out on the ice? Like, I wanted him to drop her on her head right in the middle of the programme and say "biyatch!" but oh no they skated fine and then she was so moved by it that she showered him in kisses and acted like her icy act was nothing to mention. I hope he at least slapped her in the back of the head on the way back to the hotel.

oh come on, you wanted it too!

Susania said...

hell yeah! I esp like the idea of the slap upside the head. But wow did it make for good drama or what!?