Thursday, March 09, 2006

"I'm feelin mighty low..." *clunk*

Sorry guys - in poor spirits at present; not feeling much like writing. Hopefully will be in better mood soon!


Mike Howell said...

A long time ago you shared with me that you were frustrated over someone not acknowledging your right to be in a bad mood. You wanted to be in a bad mood, and it ticked you off that the other person wouldn't just accept that.

In that same, you don't have any obligation to yourself to be happy. Don't get angry at yourself because you should feel happy, but for some reason you don't. For the moderately mentally healthy, these moods pass when they pass.

Yeah, I'm about as much help as a fortune cookie.

Susania said...

I don't miss feeling happy; but I do want to be COMFORTABLE again and not be so worried about so many things. My faith stamina is not very high!