Wednesday, March 29, 2006

In search of a cookbook

So my friend Mindy's birthday party is on Tuesday, and the ONE THING I know she wants, and I can't seem to get, is the 1969 Betty Crocker "red pie" Cookbook, reprinted about every year through the 70s. They're certainly out there, and I've found lots on eBay... but they're EXPENSIVE! They sell between $25-50 on average, depending on the condition of the book. They are very much in demand, and are considered to be the best edition ever put out.

Mindy got one when she was married in 1972, and has used it until it's falling apart and would like another one. I as good as promised that I would find one for her birthday, and yet I fear the ones on eBay are priced outside of my budget. If anyone, ANYONE, knows where I can get one in usable condition (sturdy enough for regular use for another few decades), please let me know! I'm hoping to find one under $25.

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